Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Cats on Mars' by Ron Evans

After years of wracking my brain, I am glad that someone finally has a plausible theory regarding the existance of cats. Amateur filmmaker/musician/fellow-cat-enthusiast Ron Evans delivers an interesting take on the matter with this haunting original ditty. It seems logical, and would explain why cats spend most of their time doing absolutely nothing.

They're waiting for the call of duty.

But the question remains: Why are cats needed on Mars? A few possibilities come to mind. Maybe Mars is experiencing rodent infestation? Or more probable, there is an alien breed of felines that have been breeding the planet for ions, and the only way to save the entire galaxy from their fatal, un-earthly strain of cat-allergen is to send reinforcements to procreate with the aliens and weaken the strain in future feline generations. I vote for the latter.

Whatever the reason, it's comforting to think that cats were not put on this earth just to torture me.

Check out more of Ron's original music on iTunes under "The Bloody Oranges". The rest of his stuff is non cat-related, but definitely worth checking out ;)

Why do you think cats are needed on Mars?

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