Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did Somebody Say 'Cat Blog'?

My Grandma's cat, Tommy, and Myself, circa 1987

Allow myself to introduce...myself? I am Emily.

But I digress.

I suppose most of you are wondering: What is a cat anyway? This blog may be difficult to follow without a basic understanding. Before you read on, click here. Why start a blog about cats? Well that is a damn good question; I don't even know where this obsession of the felinekind first took hold. The last time I touched a cat – actually held a cat in my arms – I was probably 2 years old. At that point asthma reared it's ugly head, and it was decided that, maybe rolling around on the floor all day with a cat might not be such a good idea anymore.

Soo. I have spent that last 20-odd years of my life being programmed to stay away. 'Do you have cats?' is probably one of my top ten most common questions of all time. I missed many a gatherings, many a parties, and many a sleepovers, because even being in a room where a cat may have been in the past 5 years might still make me wheezy. And it almost always did.

Although being allergic to cats put me through many hurdles, I have always loved kittehs from a distance. and I have a constant fascination with all things cat-related. Perhaps if they weren't a forbidden fruit so-to-speak, I may otherwise have taken kittehs for granted?

They make me happy. they make me laugh. They're so freakin' weird! I am forever a fan.

I have a few cat buddies that will be guest bloggers from time to time, and I will showcase the products, photos, websites, etc. that I have come across that have made me smile or inspired me in some way. I hope you enjoy.

Many Meows of Gratitude,



  1. You're so brave! Most people with a deathly allergy would not devote a blog to said allergy. It just goes to show that your level of understanding runs deep and you have my support from one cat lover to another. One of the best things I've ever seen has got to be when people put leashes on their cats and take them for walks. It's both strangely bizarre and awesome all at the same time.

  2. I have had a cat around me for near all my life. Barn cats, apartment cat, stray cats, fat cats and lap cats. Long hair cats and short hair cats. Cats are terrific for pets because they are independent little beings. Over the years tho' I've only seen a hypoallergenic cat once. It was hairless. (And very expensive too.)
    Go Kitty Go!

  3. lumpy says GOOD JOB!!!! this is awesome, em! kittys love you and are very sorry they make you sick. meow!