Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blood, Barf, and Lasers...F-YEA!!

For ze ultimate arteest, check out these super-awesome Moleskine notebooks from nowvember featured on!

Which one of these adorable kittehs best describe your pet's alter-ego? Is is A) Eyeball-Laser-Shooting Kitty (pretends to love you...until you forget to feed him one morning before you leave for work, and upon your return he attacks you at the door and burns holes through your soul) , B) Projectile-Vomitting-Rainbow Kitty (um, taste the rainbow?), or C) Blood-Sucking-New-Moon-Team-Edward-Heartthrob Kitty ('Bella...they call her my Singer, because her blood sings for me')?

GAHHHHH! I want one!

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